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Lots of cool things going on right now.

The Broad Universe Sampler is out with the first part of The Lady of Seeking in the City of Waiting. The Sampler is free. Download and enjoy.

For those of you waiting for part two of The Nellus Academy Incident, it has begun on and started with a bang I might add.

This month is NaNoWriMo.  Unlike past years, I’m doing my own version of NaNo. I know I have to get the Colonial Gothic: Roanoke Island supplement done in December. So, I’m working my butt off to get 8 short stories completed this month in and around everything else. 3 of them have been promised to different markets, 5 of them are for The Nellus Academy Incident, part four.  Currently, I am starting story #4 of 8.

SALE! Linked to the above in a joyful way, I’m happy to announce the sale of “An Infestation of Adverts” to Blue Shift Magazine, Issue #1 edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt. The first issue goes live in May 2013 and I will be joining the likes of Rick Novy, Robert Silverberg, and Mike Resnick. As an aside, the editor mentioned a dearth of female authored science fiction stories and would like to see more. Their submission guidelines are here.

All in all, pretty darned good.


May. 21st, 2012 11:27 am
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(Crossposted from Jennifer Brozek)

I’ve been doing this social networking thing on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Livejournal for a while. I consider all of it to be an investment in my career. There is nothing more annoying about looking up an author or editor and finding nothing about them. Right or wrong, it makes me think that they either aren’t very good at the business or marketing aspects of being in the publishing industry.

That said, I always try to temper my business side with remaining a real person. I chat with people. Talk about stuff that isn’t work. Or talk about where I am in what I’m doing—the easy parts, the hard parts. I do like to be social.  Some of the social stuff is play and I do like to play. I think I’m pretty successful at balancing the two.

About a week ago, after talking about work I’m doing on the Battletech web series, a stranger on twitter pinged and asked if I was open for a gig. I get this question a lot and my answer is always: “It depends on my schedule, the subject matter, and the pay rate.”  Then we shifted to email for the rest of the conversation.

Short story still short, Robin Fitton has hired me to work on the fiction part of Gruntz. “Gruntz is a dedicated 15mm fast play wargame designed for skirmish level play with between 10 to 40 figures per side using combined arms (squads, support vehicles, tanks, VTOL's and artillery).”

I’m excited about this because I get to make up a lot of canon information about the Gruntz universe. Every faction will have signature leaders, houses/groups/etc.  With 11-12 stories to come up with, I’m still deciding on how this will happen. But believe me, there will be a variety. I’ve got permission to go wild and nothing is off limits.

I love jobs like this.

I also love getting jobs like this because I’m just being me on Twitter.

As an aside, there is an Indiegogo fundraiser for an Gruntz Army Builder App that is already funded and is into stretch goals.

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I don't really make New Year's Eve resolutions anymore. I just keep on writing. I set my goals and keep on keeping on. This year, I met or exceeded every single one of my goals. Goals are a good thing to have.

Short Story Submissions
Goal: 12+
Actual: 22
Results: 8 acceptances, 11 rejections, 3 unknown.

New Short Stories Written
Goal: 12+
Actual: 14

New Novels/Novellas Written
Goal: 1+
Actual: 2 (One novella—sold, One novel—in edits)

New RPG Assignments Completed
Goal: 6+
Actual: 8

Let's see what was published this year:
  • Columns: 2 – Dice & Deadlines, The Making of an Anthology
  • Short stories: 9 – 2 reprints, 7 originals
  • Books: 1 – Shanghai Vampocalypse hard copy
  • Anthologies edited: 5 – Beauty Has Her Way, Human Tales, Beast Within 2, Space Tramps, Human for a Day.

  • Already on tap for publication in 2012:
  • Four short stories
  • One novella
  • Three PDF RPG settings
  • One RPG book
  • Two articles
  • One new column

  • Next year my writing goals a little different. I am shifting from short form writing to long form writing. What I want to do next year is to finish up the two RPG contracts I have, edit the novel I've written, stay on top of the non-fiction column I am writing for Apex Publications, and to write two or three novels in a series. Plus, I want to edit at least two anthologies.

    If I do all that, I will write between 250,000 and 300,000 words. We will see how far I get. I am a determined woman and you all know now I can get when I'm determined.
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    Life continues on at its breakneck pace.

    Review: New HUMAN TALES review by a reader. Solid B grade.

    Sale: I sold a new short story. "Trail of Breadcrumbs" went to Timid Pirate's FINDING HOME: COMMUNITY IN APOCALYPTIC WORLDS anthology. Pre-orders start on November 1st with the release of the book on December 15th.

    Publication: Issue 70 of The Edge of Propinquity has been published with two guest authors: Brandon Nolta and [ profile] seanan_mcguire.


    Aug. 24th, 2011 04:42 pm
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    Two CLOSE ENCOUNTER OF THE URBAN KIND short stories have been mentioned on the Year's Best Australian Fantasy and Horror: Recommended Reading List: Lollo by Martin Livings and Dead Letter Drop by Pete Kempshall.

    I sold my story, A Trial of Breadcrumbs, to Timid Pirate's BENEVOLENT APOCALYPSE anthology. This is a GRANTS PASS story told from Kayley Allard's POV.

    My story, The Komatsu, appears in the newly released Apex Publications anthology, APEXOLOGY: SCIENCE FICTION & FANTASY

    I am back from Worldcon. That's 2 conventions in 3 weeks, mixing and mingling with a combined 40,000+ people from the conventions and airports. And I am not sick at all. Tired, yes. But not sick. I credit this to a secret elixir shared with me at last Worldcon by [ profile] seanan_mcguire: Sambacol/Sambacus. Yes, it does say "Virologist Tested."
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    Sent to my Googlegroup first. Here because I remembered. :)

    Because I think I would forget my head if it wasn't attached, I've asked my PA, Lily, to collect monthly round ups for me so that ya'll will hear from me once a month. They won't be as long as this one normally.

    April 1-May 31
    At the end of April, Jennifer was able to upgrade to active status with SFWA after recent sales to DAW. Go Jennifer!

    "Discordance" to the anthology Tales of Valdemar #7 (DAW)
    "Showdown at High Moon" to the Westward Weird anthology (DAW)
    "A Promise Made" to Showdown at Midnight anthology (Science Fiction Trails)

    Norwescon 34, April 21-24 in Seattle was a fantastic weekend attended by Jennifer, who could be spotted anywhere from the Apex Books table in the dealers room to the green room, sitting on a number of panels and catching up with folks along the way.

    Jennifer’s “Making of an Anthology” series at the Apex Blog published a new installment, on invites and anthologies.

    Over at Geeks Dream Girl, her “Dice and Deadlines” series delved into expanding your horizons as a RPG writer.

    ==On the editorial side…
    Issue 64 of The Edge of Propinquity published, with new stories from universe authors Kaolin Fire, Peter M. Ball, Ivan Ewert, Alina Pete and guest author Lillian Cohen-Moore.

    Human Tales, the dark and twisted anthology of ‘faerie tales’ from the supernatural side was released by Dark Quest Books.

    Jennifer’s “Dice and Deadlines” columns’ newest installment discussed the nature of the freelance job hunt, and how a positive approach makes all the difference.

    At the Apex Blog, Jennifer’s “Making of an Anthology” series saw a May installment, discussing how story selection for anthologies can work.

    ==On the editorial side…
    Issue 65 of The Edge of Propinquity published, with new stories from universe authors Kaolin Fire, Peter M. Ball, Ivan Ewert, Alina Pete and guest author Mars Hage.

    In April Jennifer was interviewed by about her story in No Man's Land, book four in the Defending the Future series.

    Rigor Amortis Review, by Nick Bronson.
    Jennifer’s story “Swallow It All” appeared in the anthology.

    CTHULHUROTIC - by Robert Derie.
    Jennifer’s essay “The Sexual Attraction of the Lovecraft Universe” appeared in the anthology.

    Beauty Has Her Way review

    Written by the Fabulous Lily.
    Edited and approved by Jennifer.
    Thank you all for reading.

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    Some very cool stuff has happened or is happening right now. So, to catch up…

    As Editor:
    1. Human Tales – dark twisted fairytales from the supernatural's point of view is officially out!

    2. Beast Within 2 is off to the publishers and I am working with the cover artist now for some kick ass cover art.

    3. I am knee deep into Space Tramps: Full Throttle Space Tales #5, acceptances have gone out and edits have begun.

    As Author:
    1. No Man's Land: Defending the Future. My story "M.O.V.E." is in here. It is set for a May release and is looking good. "This collection has a lot going for it […] there's not a single piece here that isn't well worth reading. I modestly — but confidently — predict that I will be very far from the only man who's very, very glad he's read this collection." —David Weber, best-selling author of the Honor Harrington series.

    2. Earlier, I announced the sale of "Showdown at High Moon" to the DAW anthology, Westward Weird. This is edited by the wonderful Martin Greenberg and Kerrie Hughes.

    3. Today I get to announce the sale of "Discordance" to the DAW anthology, Tales of Valdemar #7. The 14 year old girl in me is squealing and squeaking in an excitement beyond human range. The mere fact that I'm in an anthology edited by Mercedes Lackey is enough to make me cry. The fact that it is a Valdemar story is… beyond words.

    4. Because of the two recent DAW sales, I have now upgraded to active status in SFWA. Earlier in the month, I upgraded to active status in the HWA because of my work on AEON.

    I really feel like a real author.

    I can't wait for what comes next.
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    Review: Beauty Has Her Way – Rise Reviews - - Over all with the liking with some interesting criticism.

    Editor: Issue 62 of The Edge of Propinquity has been published with guest author Alma Alexander.

    Editor: I've sent out all of the acceptances and rejections for The Beast Within 2: Predator & Prey to be published by Graveside Books in June 2011. This is going to be a good one. I've got a nice mix of pro, up-and-comers, and new talent.

    Author: I can finally announce it; I have sold my weird west story, Showdown at High Moon, to DAW anthology, Westward Weird, edited by Martin Greenberg and Kerrie Hughes! I'm really pleased with this one. This is my second pro-sale. One more and active SFWA here I come.
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    Things are trucking along here at Chez Brozek and, as usual, I am a busy-busy lass but I'm whittling my "To Do" list down to something more manageable these days. This is kind of where I am and stuff.

    Editor stuff:
    I turned in the full manuscript for HUMAN FOR A DAY for DAW. I am so damn proud of that thing. Some beautiful stories in it and my esteem for some of my authors has gone through the roof.

    I have sent out the invitations to SPACE TRAMPS, Full-Throttle Space Tales #5 for Flying Pen Press. The Publisher is pleased with the authors I have writing for it and so am I.

    I am in the process of reading stories for the BEAST WITHIN 2 anthology for Graveside Tales. It is slow going but mostly because of everything else on my plate. The authors will hear one way or another in a couple of weeks.

    Author stuff:
    I sold a story to a DAW anthology and I feel like I have leveled up as an author. I'm not naming the story or the anthology until the contract is signed but the editor has told me she's taking it.

    I sold a story, "M.O.V.E.," to NO MAN'S LAND by Dark Quest Books. This is the fourth anthology in the Defending the Future series of anthologies and I'm very pleased to be sharing the TOC with the likes of Brenda Cooper, Ann Wilkes, and Danielle Ackley-McPhail.

    The big news: I just signed a contract to write a standalone tie-in novella for Dark Quest Games' new RPG setting, SHADESIDE. The novella is currently titled THE LADY OF SEEKING IN THE CITY OF WAITING and I'm thrilled to pieces. It combines all of my happiest thoughts with my most sought after goals—gaming, tie-in work, and long form fiction with the possibility of more work.

    I have a couple of other things I must get done before I can settle in for the long term writing on LADY OF SEEKING—another anthology story, a Colonial Gothic PDF setting, Dice & Deadlines, and a non-fiction essay—but once those drop off the radar, it will be smooth sailing for a while.

    I think.
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    Writing and editing-wise, I think I have done a lot. Sometimes, looking back and taking stock is exactly what a freelancer needs to do to see just how much they have accomplished in a single year.

    Anthologies (3)
    • Close Encounters of the Urban Kind – Released April 2010
    • Beauty Has Her Way – Released December 2010
    • Human Tales – Turned in

    Solo Works (5)
    • Dice & Deadlines – Monthly column
    • Shanghai Vampocalypse – Released September 2010 (RPG)
    • Covert Ops – Turned in (RPG)
    • In a Gilded Light – Released in February 2010 (Horror collection)
    • The Little Finance Book That Could – Released in April 2010 (Non-fiction)

    Co-Authored/Edited (4)
    • The Ross-Allen Letters – Colonial Gothic Novella, RPG, written with Dylan Birtolo
    • Maschine Zeit – RPG, contributor/editor
    • Forsaken Chronicler's Guide #1 – RPG, editor
    • Year 5 of The Edge of Propinquity

    Short Fiction Sold (Original) (10)
    • The Prince of Artemis V, Crossed Genres Issue 15 - Crossed Genres, January 2010
    • The Cost of Job Security, Masters of Horror anthology - Triskaideka Books, March 2010
    • Snipe Hunting, Apex Digest April 2010 - Apex Publications, April 2010
    • Eulogy for Muffin, APEXOLOGY:Horror anthology - Apex Publications, August 2010
    • Family Duty, Issue 20 - M-Brane SF, September 2010 (print publication to occur in M-Brane SF Quarterly #1, October 2010)
    • Swallow It All, Rigor Amortis anthology - Absolute XPress, October 2010
    • Seven Little Words, The Little Death of Crossed Genres Issue 1 - Crossed Genres, October 2010
    • The Sexual Attraction of the Lovecraft Universe, Cthulhurotica anthology - Dagan Books, December 2010
    • The Priest, the Man, the Gun, Tales of the Talisman magazine, volume 7, issue 2 - Hadrosaur Productions, Autumn 2011
    • Iron Achilles Heel, New Heroes Rising - Stone Skin Press, TBA 2011

    Short Fiction Sold (Reprint) (3)
    • The Prince of Artemis V, Stalking the Wild Hare anthology - Walkabout Publishing, August 2010
    • A Bite to Remember, The Zombie Feed - Apex Publications, September 2010
    • Honoring the Dead, Night-Mantled: The Best of Wily Writers, Volume 1 anthology - Wily Writers, December 2010

    Not bad for one year, eh? This doesn't include all of the stuff I've contracted but not yet finished. When I look back on it, I am pretty damn pleased with myself. Here are some more metrics:

    • Stories submitted: 27 (goal: 15) = 10 acceptances, 13 rejections, 4 unknown.
    • New stories written: 10 (goal: 12)
    • RPG projects: 7 (goal: 6)
    • Books read: 50 (goal: 50)

    You know what's funny? I can't tell if I'm missing anything.
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    I can finally announce that I sold my short story, "Iron Achilles Heel" to Stone Skin Press for their anthology series, The New Hero.

    "Iron Achilles Heel" is the second story I sold in my weird west Mowry series. There are a lot of fabulous authors also to be published in these anthologies like Matt Forbeck, Ed Greenwood, and Monte Cook.
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    I just sold my weird west story "The Priest, the Man, the Gun" to Tales of the Talisman magazine to be published in 2011. I'm happy to have this weird west tale out there.
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    After a phone call this morning, I can announce one of the pieces of awesome-awesome news I've been sitting on. I sold an anthology to DAW!

    To say I am pleased is an understatement. To say that I happy-danced all around the house when I got the news and my husband finally got to see me in the throes of such a victory dance is true. For the rest of the week, if I was down or distracted or anything like that…he would come into my office and mimic my happy-dance at me. Minus all the arm flailings, of course.

    But… I sold an anthology to DAW.

    I have reached one of my big goals. I am a happy-happy anthologist.

    About the anthology. It is called HUMAN FOR A DAY and I am in the process of acquiring my authors. Here is the blurb I used to sell it:

    The day is finally here. By will, wish, spell, or curse, those who are not human have become human—and mortal—for a day. Experience the joy of the mannequin who softens from wood into flesh and the fear of the god cast down from his divine heights. Feel the anticipation of the immortal solider that finally has a chance to die and the desire of the monster to regain her mortal heart. Not everyone who becomes human for a day wants this transformation. For all, this will be a day they never forget.

    This is going to be such a good anthology!

    Good News

    Oct. 12th, 2010 08:47 pm
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    Two bits of good news. One as an author. One as an editor.

    Author - I sold my non-fiction essay, "The Sexual Attraction of the Lovecraft Universe" to the very provocative forthcoming anthology Cthulhurotica by Dagan Books.

    Editor - I've been promoted to assistant editor at the award winning publishing house, Apex Publications. This means I will be working with the owner and the marketing director, working on novels and anthologies. Basically, a lass of all trades. And I will be announcing a cool new opportunity for two people to work with me during the next year.
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    I am trying to catch up on work and recover from jet lag at the same time. It is not going as fast I'd like. Two weeks in Australia and New Zealand have left me with a lot of news and such. Here's some of what I know about:

    Editor Bits
    * Ascension by Martin Livings from my anthology GRANTS PASS has been chosen for Mirrordanse Books's Year's Best Australian SF and Fantasy, 2008/2009 edition

    * Luminations by Rick Silva has been nominated in the "Best Non Comics Work" category for the Comic Book Artist Guild Awards, which the group give out at the New York Comic Con October 8-10 2010. Luminations is up for the award because it recognizes work done in 2009. This is part of my The Edge of Propinquity imprint.

    * Review of Close Encounter of the Urban Kind - Mostly liked. Technically this was done today and not while I was gone but this is a good place to put it.

    Author Bits
    * Shanghai Vampocalypse was released. This is a Savage Worlds Demi-God RPG book blending cyberpunk, ancient martial arts and nanotech vampires.

    * Received (and have now signed) contracts for three more Colonial Gothic settings.

    * Received information and an invite to do some more non-fiction writing for Rogue Blades Entertainment.

    * Was invited to write a non-fiction essay on Lovecraft.

    * Received a mass of interview questions for an upcoming thing.

    * Sold the reprint of A Bite to Remember to The Zombie Feed which published today.

    There will be travel war stories and pictures. I promise. It just may take me a couple of weeks due to work that is due to various editors.
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    First, I am pleased to announce that I have sold "Family Duty" to M-Brane SF. It will be published online in September and in print in October.

    Second, due to a beautiful little scheduling snafu (that you'll need to buy me drinks to get the story of), my reading and talk for THE LITTLE FINANCE BOOK THAT COULD at Soulfood Books & Cafe has been postponed until Sept 19.
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    My record holds. Every zombie story I write, I sell. To be fair, that's only three zombie stories. Mostly because I don't like zombies. I'm not one of those people who likes to dress up as a zombie and do zombie walks. Those things make me want to run in fear. Let my friends do that sort of thing. I'll be back here in my apocalyptic bunker being paranoid.

    So, this third zombie story sale is one that is very, eh, strange. You see, the anthology is about zombie erotica. Yep. For real. My story, "Swallow It All", is actually a revenge zombie erotica story because that's just how the story came out: sexy and then very violent.

    My previously sold zombie fiction is: "A Bite to Remember" for "The World is Dead" anthology by Permuted Press, and "Nothing Left to Salvage" for Wily Writers and a reprint to Zombonauts by Library of Horror.

    So, there you have it. I think I'm going to call this one my strangest story sale to date.
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    I just got an email from [ profile] angelmcc letting me know that my short fiction, Honoring the Dead, has just made it into Night-Mantled: The Best of Wily Writers, Volume 1. This is the first time I'm made it into the "best of" anything. I've have some nominations and honorable mentions but I have to say, I like making it into the collection that much more.

    Honoring the Dead is one of my military sci-fi stories that is part of my Regresser's Evolution universe. It has one of my all time favorite characters in it, Commander Waithe.
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    I have sold my erotica piece, "Seven Little Words," to the inaugural issue "The Little Death of Cross Genres." This is an sf-noir erotica story about a junkie stripper and her dirty space cop boyfriend and the power dynamic between them. It was fun to write and a favorite of mine.

    Most people don't know that I used to write erotica under another name and I did pretty well at it.

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