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Writing and editing-wise, I think I have done a lot. Sometimes, looking back and taking stock is exactly what a freelancer needs to do to see just how much they have accomplished in a single year.

Anthologies (3)
• Close Encounters of the Urban Kind – Released April 2010
• Beauty Has Her Way – Released December 2010
• Human Tales – Turned in

Solo Works (5)
• Dice & Deadlines – Monthly column
• Shanghai Vampocalypse – Released September 2010 (RPG)
• Covert Ops – Turned in (RPG)
• In a Gilded Light – Released in February 2010 (Horror collection)
• The Little Finance Book That Could – Released in April 2010 (Non-fiction)

Co-Authored/Edited (4)
• The Ross-Allen Letters – Colonial Gothic Novella, RPG, written with Dylan Birtolo
• Maschine Zeit – RPG, contributor/editor
• Forsaken Chronicler's Guide #1 – RPG, editor
• Year 5 of The Edge of Propinquity

Short Fiction Sold (Original) (10)
• The Prince of Artemis V, Crossed Genres Issue 15 - Crossed Genres, January 2010
• The Cost of Job Security, Masters of Horror anthology - Triskaideka Books, March 2010
• Snipe Hunting, Apex Digest April 2010 - Apex Publications, April 2010
• Eulogy for Muffin, APEXOLOGY:Horror anthology - Apex Publications, August 2010
• Family Duty, Issue 20 - M-Brane SF, September 2010 (print publication to occur in M-Brane SF Quarterly #1, October 2010)
• Swallow It All, Rigor Amortis anthology - Absolute XPress, October 2010
• Seven Little Words, The Little Death of Crossed Genres Issue 1 - Crossed Genres, October 2010
• The Sexual Attraction of the Lovecraft Universe, Cthulhurotica anthology - Dagan Books, December 2010
• The Priest, the Man, the Gun, Tales of the Talisman magazine, volume 7, issue 2 - Hadrosaur Productions, Autumn 2011
• Iron Achilles Heel, New Heroes Rising - Stone Skin Press, TBA 2011

Short Fiction Sold (Reprint) (3)
• The Prince of Artemis V, Stalking the Wild Hare anthology - Walkabout Publishing, August 2010
• A Bite to Remember, The Zombie Feed - Apex Publications, September 2010
• Honoring the Dead, Night-Mantled: The Best of Wily Writers, Volume 1 anthology - Wily Writers, December 2010

Not bad for one year, eh? This doesn't include all of the stuff I've contracted but not yet finished. When I look back on it, I am pretty damn pleased with myself. Here are some more metrics:

• Stories submitted: 27 (goal: 15) = 10 acceptances, 13 rejections, 4 unknown.
• New stories written: 10 (goal: 12)
• RPG projects: 7 (goal: 6)
• Books read: 50 (goal: 50)

You know what's funny? I can't tell if I'm missing anything.
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My record holds. Every zombie story I write, I sell. To be fair, that's only three zombie stories. Mostly because I don't like zombies. I'm not one of those people who likes to dress up as a zombie and do zombie walks. Those things make me want to run in fear. Let my friends do that sort of thing. I'll be back here in my apocalyptic bunker being paranoid.

So, this third zombie story sale is one that is very, eh, strange. You see, the anthology is about zombie erotica. Yep. For real. My story, "Swallow It All", is actually a revenge zombie erotica story because that's just how the story came out: sexy and then very violent.

My previously sold zombie fiction is: "A Bite to Remember" for "The World is Dead" anthology by Permuted Press, and "Nothing Left to Salvage" for Wily Writers and a reprint to Zombonauts by Library of Horror.

So, there you have it. I think I'm going to call this one my strangest story sale to date.
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Since I was asked to do this for the Wily Writers group, I figured it could not hurt to put my 2009 writing industry accomplishments here.




Colonial Gothic: Elizabethtown, PDF Setting - Rogue Games, Author, April, 2009

Colonial Gothic, 2nd Edition - Rogue Games, Contributor, July, 2009

Serenity: The Big Damn Hero's Handbook - Margaret Weis Productions, Contributor, October, 2009

Shadowrun: Seattle 2072, sourcebook - Catalyst Labs, Contributor, August 2009

Proverbial Monsters, PDF book - Storyteller Adventure System, White Wolf, Author, October, 2009

Colonial Gothic: Plymouth, PDF Setting - Rogue Games, Author, November, 2009



Three Flashes of Fang & Fur, The Fleas They Carried: Winter 2009 anthology - Relief Anthology, Contributor, May 2009

Honoring the Dead - Wily Writers, Author, May 2009

A Bite to Remember, The World is Dead anthology - Permuted Press, Contributor, September 2009

Nothing Left to Salvage - Wily Writers, Author, November 2009

Nothing Left to Salvage - Zombonauts anthology - Library of Living Dead Press, Contributor, December 2009 (Reprint)



Grants Pass, anthology - Morrigan Books, Concept and co-editor, August, 2009 
 The Edge of Propinquity, Year Four, Editor, 2009


The Little Finance Book That Could - Lean Marketing Press, Author, February 2010

Shanghai Vampocalypse - Talisman Studios, Author, February 2010

In a Gilded Light: 105 Tales of the Macabre - Dark Quest Books, Author, June 2010



Close Encounters of the Urban Kind anthology - Apex Book Company, Editor, April 2010

Beauty Has Her Way anthology - Dark Quest Books, Editor, September 2010

Human Tales anthology - Dark Quest Books, Editor, December 2010



Crossed Genres, Issue #8

Anne Wilkes for Science Fiction and Other ODDysseys

Seattle Examiner



RadCon 2009

NorwesCon 2009

BayCon 2009

Crypticon 2009

GenCon 2009

OryCon 2009


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My science fiction story "Nothing Left to Salvage" is now up on Wily Writers. Feel free to listen (or read) and comment.

Nothing Left to Salvage
Esda and Seairth believe they have found the salvage of a lifetime. It is a derelict ship that promises riches and an easy life. What they find is a horror beyond imagining that will end their salvaging days forever. [16min]

Read by the fabulous Angel Lee McCoy aka [ profile] angelmcc.

It is free to read or to listen to. I am very fond of this story. It is my "zombies in space" story and the second zombie story I've written/sold.
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I have a couple of stories that are eligible this year:

"Honoring the Dead"; Wily Writers, May 2009 [short story] (This one is my favorite of these stories.)

"Three Flashes of Fang & Fur"; Relief Anthology in "The Fleas They Carried" anthology [short story]

"Nothing Left to Salvage"; Wily Writers, November 2009 (This just came out today!) [short story]

"A Bite to Remember"; Permuted Press in "The World is Dead" anthology [short story]
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My science fiction story "Honoring the Dead" is now up on Wily Writers. Feel free to listen (or read) and comment.

Honoring the Dead
War is hell. No one knows that better that Guard Commander Waithe. What people do not talk about is the hell that comes after for those in command who survive. Not one to shirk his duty, Waithe performs his duty and honors his dead. (26 min, read by Nathan Crowder)

Damn... it sounds so good!

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