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I've been quiet because I've been working on Colonial Gothic: Popham. That is sort of how it is when I write. Not much more to report.

I also have become the calendar coordinator of the HWA. With the help of Angel McCoy, webmistress of awesome, we now have a working HWA calendar of events.

Finally, we have snow. Beautiful, cold, wet snow.
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I posted the story of Leeloo and how I ended up with an unexpected kitty. There are a whole mess of pictures over there, too.
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As promised on twitter, here is the cover art to BEAUTY HAS HER WAY (pre-order clicky link). The artist, fast becoming one of my favorite cover artists, is Alina Pete of Weregeek (a webcomic about gamer geeks you all should be reading).

This cover is a direct homage to the Luis Royo cover of Heavy Metal 140--one of my favorite Royo covers ever. Alina did a great job of capturing what I wanted in this cover.

With this cover art and the anthology author list, I couldn't be happier


Jun. 1st, 2010 01:33 pm
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I've emailed everyone who expressed an interest in the intern position.

Here's a detailed review of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE URBAN KIND

Here's a new blurb for IN A GILDED LIGHT
"A dark and brilliant read by a master of the craft. Jennifer Brozek's imagination is a deep well of sinister genius!'
~David H Burton, author of THE SECOND COMING

I got to meet my favorite evil admin, [ profile] xjenavivex while I was out in NC visiting family. What a wonderful treat. Not the best picture but it'll do.
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[ profile] amandapillar, my co-editor on the award winning Grants Pass anthology finally received the statue and plaque for the Australian Shadows Award. They are really pretty. I am letting Amanda keep the statue but I'm hoping to pry the plaque out of her hands in September when we meet for the first time face-to-face at AussieCon4. The statue is going to be one heck of a collector's item as this the last year the AU Shadows Awards is doing statues but, call me vain, I want the thing with my name on it.


Look! My name! It's real!

Isn't she pretty?
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After seeing the marvel that [ profile] activegnome put together because the muse struck, I asked for something along the same lines but a little bit more personal to me. This is the result. It is the epilogue for the Grants Pass anthology.

Jeff and I did a photo shoot for the anthology. These pictures came from that.

Here's what the artist has to say about it.

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